queue me rolling my eyes into the 5th dimension

>trying 2 fall asleep


im going to meet jamie before the end of this year

ok but besides that. i am good looking and smart and fun and all around desirable i’m very 

right now

thers a gif on my dash of an anime that i got rlly into and was in a friend group with this one person who ended up : ) quite terrible and seeing it ver and over again is fucking me up a bit tbh considering that was like exactly a year ago 

ok since none of you have ever known me rl i will explain a thing that happens to me: sometimes after a really long period of feeling bad i’ll go into a 1-2 day stretch (actually the longest was about 5) where i’m literally so inexplicably happy that I can’t help but laugh and smile a lot and cry randomly and it’s incredibly embarassing even though its nice to be able to feel good for a change

im lamme and gay i was watching the mv for 9 and started crying during that 2 seconds when they’re throwing baseballs around at the end

ok heres the thing: i want to be able to delete the accounts i’ve made that no one rl knows about but at the same time i want to keep in really strong contact with my friends on these sites. i thinnnnk it would be possible that i’d start a new twitter for rl people to follow this year and then attached to that account i’d have a personal blog where i would just follow like all of the people i’ve met from tumblr that have twitters. i’ll see how it works out but if i was able to delete all my ‘guilty’ accounts then i’d have a much easier time with everything


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am i a bad person. i need to know