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that means i’ve gone from underweight my entire life to normal at last

i’ve gained 4 inches on my waist in a month. fucking win lol

today was hard because i basically lost all my motivation 1/2 way through the day and got really bored and anxious…. gym was good because of volleyball but this fuckboy my friend had a thing with (bless her soul) was talking shit abt me towards the end so fuck that -_- idk when i got home and did homework it was better and i just generally really like being able to talk to people a lil after school it makes everything seem ok-er

i get so many good vibe feelings off of tsuchika’s art like

holy shit

eh idk i don’t usually talk about stuff that isn’t real issues on here but i’m content rn. i talked to jack a lot today and he seems to be doing really well, i hope we can be good friends this year + stay in touch after he graduates… also i found an thing for sayonara minasan and i want to buy it so bad RIP

gender doesn’t even matter to me that much anymore like i still wish i was cis and blablabla but i don’t get dysphoric like i did last year, i just had some kind of revelation at some point where i was like “why am i wasting so much time stressing about this” and it was like… one of those few times in your life when you can actually feel anxiety coming off of you but anyway. i guess it’s always something in the back of my mind but i don’t make it a part of my character/personality otherwise¬†

I wish i could at least be brave enough to change facebook to not use she/her for me but ah well : )

im upset rn because if my mom was here she would be able to tell him what’s up and none of this would be happening but at the same time whenever my mom leaves i get 100% less anxious


dad: *makes investments*

dad: *has a crisis about losing money but there is no crisis because we have enough money*

dad: *denies me and my sister basic needs because of said crisis*